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Le site propose un petit outil -gratuit- vous permettant en quelques minutes de connaître votre « profil BDSM » : vos tendances & intérêts BDSM. Suite à des messages que nous recevons parfois, voici une petite précision : Cette page n'est pas le test lui-même, elle vous PRÉSENTE comment utiliser le test.

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The BDSM Test can tell you what parts of BDSM and kink you are into. It's a fun and an educational experience for both inexperienced and experienced kinksters. Javascript is required, so please turn it on. If this message stays visible, click here and see if that works.

take the long accuracy option and answer honestly thanks Edit: I realized that some are not comfortable.


Remember, the BDSM test is just for fun. Don't get hung up on your results if they aren't indicative of how you feel about your sex life in real.

BDSM Test. BDSM is an abbreviation comprising a number of bonding, dominance, and submission/sadomasochist sexual practices. In the practice, partners frequently assume certain roles where one partner is dominant and the other partner submits. These techniques could involve things such as role-playing or pain-playing.

Le test BDSM peut vous aider : Malheureusement tout en anglais, ce test vous propose d'en savoir plus sur vous même. Le principe est simple, vous allez donner votre avis sur des affirmations telles que : "I like receiving pain during sex and seeing the results of it (marks/bruises, makeup running by tears, etc.) afterwards".

Much like other archetype quizzes (think Myers-Briggs and so on,) our BDSM test is not meant to be prescriptive. Using a role or label to describe yourself shouldn't limit you – ultimately, you can try whatever activities and take whatever roles you want, and your kinky identity is valid. A label is a description, not a cage (unless that.

The BDSM Test! Welcome to the BDSM test website. Here you can contribute insight to the BDSM community about discovering our kinks/interests and why we are the way we are!

Take our BDSM test for free and discover your BDSM personality! Find play partners on | The Kink-Positive BDSM Community for Fetish Dating.

Nous venons de constater (juillet 2020) que le site bdsmtest.orga -enfin- été mis à jour avec la traduction en français des questions du QCM !. Pas trop tôt. Nous expliquons comment bien utiliser le « test BDSM » dans cet article de présentation. (À toutes fins utiles, nous vous rappelons que nous ne sommes pas les créateurs du test.)


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In this episode, Trey and Dajion discuss their scores on a BDSM test. They're probably what you expected, or maybe not. Hope you enjoy!

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